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  1. Dieter says:

    I like the idea of using multiple GoPro, but…

    1. How do you trigger multiple GoPro’s ?

    2. How do you pull the images/ videos from a GoPro cameras without disturbing the cameras calibration ?

    Do you have a software solution for either ?


    • Tyson Hedrick says:

      Hi Dieter,

      We’ve found it easiest to trigger multiple GoPros using the GoPro remote; the voice commands for newer models may also work. Argus then uses the audio-channel to synchronize the cameras to within +- 0.5 frames. Depending on your setup you may be able to leave a usb cable plugged into the camera, at which point you can use a combination of remote control and cable to download data without actually touching the camera and disturbing the calibration. In other cases you may need to recalibrate after handling the cameras, e.g. if they’re used in difficult field circumstances.

      Ty Hedrick

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