ArgusWeb is a new effort to bring the Argus video analysis tools online, so they can be run directly from a web browser. While the web tools won’t (and can’t) exactly match the desktop Argus tools in capability and usage, they are much more accessible, requiring nothing more than a web browser to use. This potentially makes them more useful as teaching tools and undergraduate research than the desktop Argus tools which, although powerful, have a large on-disk footprint and a complex install procedure.

Currently, the Clicker module is available for beta testing and light use at:

The above URL is not permanent, so please bookmark this page instead. Note that the Clicker module is compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Edge web browsers but NOT with Safari.

If you don’t have any videos at hand you can use this demo data pack to try out ArgusWeb

If you’d like a quick video tour of some of the features and capabilities of ArgusWeb you can watch a demo of 2D orĀ  3D digitizing

Please send comments, bug reports, and feedback to Ty Hedrick